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Welcome to The Utherverse Wiki

The Utherverse is the next generation of the Internet - a Virtual World Web of interconnected 3D communities that deliver a user experience that is vastly more enriching and satisfying than the flat World Wide Web that is so popular today.

With our live public launch of this groundbreaking technology, Utherverse has begun to revolutionize the way people relate to each other and the ways that they undertake their online experiences. The Uthervese delivers entirely new kinds of online social interactions, as well as vastly improved methods for business to engage and for users to experience entertainment, commerce, news and events.

The growth of the Utherverse is even faster than the growth of the early internet itself, and the momentum has been accelerating ever since the first Virtual World went live in May, 2006.

In order to make your experience in The Utherverse more enjoyable we have compiled this Wiki to answer all of the questions you might have about the 3D Virtual World. If you don't find your answers below you can also check out our Support page. If you are still stuck, send us your suggestions on topics to cover in this Wiki to

Getting Started

The Virtual World Web is made up of two parts: The 3D World and the Social Center.

The 3D World is where members can socialize with each other using avatars. To access the 3D world, simply download the software from your Social Center home page then log in using your member name and password.

The Social Center is a website where you can create and customize your personal profile, upload photos and search for and contact other members. You can access the Social Center by creating an account or logging into

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Playing for Fun: Getting Started

Virtual Business: Getting Started

Existing Businesses & Webmasters

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