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Moving and Exploring

Navigation: Learn how to move, explore, and find your way home.

Maps: Get your bearings!

Avatar Actions: Learn what your avatar can do and how it can interact with the avatars and environment around it.

User Interface: Learn what all the buttons and menus in the software window do.

Dimensions: Learn about what dimensions are and how you can use them to find people with similar interests.

Avatar Appearance

Avatars are life-like animated and customizable characters used inside the Red Light Center 3D environment. You can control your avatar’s movements and appearance and use it to interact with other members in the 3D world. You can view and edit your avatar once you've logged into the Utherverse software.

Customize Your Avatar: Change your avatar's appearance.

Creating Avatar Textures: Create your own custom avatar textures.

Names, Badges and Titles

Badges: Learn about the different badges and their meanings, and how to turn your own badge on and off.

Account Types: Learn about the different account types and upgrades.

Change a Profile Name: Learn the rules for profile name changes and how to change your name.

Social and Dating

Etiquette: Follow these tips to make friends easily and fit in with the RLC culture.

Chat: Learn how to chat, private message and group chat.

Make Friends: How to find and add friends!

Virtual Sex: Learn who can have virtual sex, how to get naughty, and some safety tips!


Weddings: Learn about marriage in Red Light Center

My Stuff

Virtual Property: Learn about how to get a free Zaby (apartment), and buying, managing and editing virtual property.

Rays: Learn about the virtual currency of Red Light Center and how you can use it.

Social Center: Edit your profile, manage your friends list, read and send messages and manage your Rays (virtual currency).


Customer Support: Need help with your account, billing or anything else? Find it here!

Technical Support: Found a bug or error or having technical issues? Visit tech support!

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